Katherine H. Brown


Katherine Brown is a Texas girl, weaver of words, and lover of books. Katherine has an amazing husband and two incredible daughters, loves to read all things magical, mysterious, or historical fiction, and enjoys passing on that love of books to children.

Her favorite genres to write are cozy mystery and steampunk mystery or adventure.

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip.

Favorite vacation: the beach

Favorite book: haha, yeah right, there are way too many wonderful books to choose from!


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Perfectly Practical in Every Way (Steampunk Mary Poppins Cozy Mysteries Book 4)

Book #4 from the series: Steampunk Mystery

The Articulating Umbrella is a busy tearoom filled with goodies and gossip, Anna-Marie is blessed with marital bliss, and the group of orphan girls are quite comfortable in their new home and improved station in life. Of course, only when things are going along smoothly are the most jarring bumps in the road discovered. In this instance, a...

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Magpie Maggie Takes the Heat (Longhorn Trucking Mysteries Book 2)

Book #2 from the series: Longhorn Trucking Mysteries

Maggie Cumberland is on the road to finding a murderer. Or on the road to jail, if she can’t prove her innocence when a woman at a truck stop ends up dead and happens to have something of Maggie’s with her.
More details to come in this fun second installment of the Longhorn Trucking Mysteries where Maggie goes from shopaholic without a care to...

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Magpie Maggie Takes the Wheel (Longhorn Trucking Mysteries Book 1)

Book #1 from the series: Longhorn Trucking Mysteries

Margaret (Maggie) Cumberland lives to shop; her father died with debts.
Before she can get her inheritance, Maggie finds out the will comes with certain stipulations. She has to get a job.
Not just any job, though. Nope. Dear old dad put in the will that she had to make three deliveries for the family business.
Sounds simple. Should be simple.

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